Welcome to the homepage for our D&D campaign. This campaign has been running since October, 2008 and is currently hosted once a week in an apartment just off the University of Maryland campus in College Park, Maryland. The campaign is run by four paragons of creativity, wit, intelligence, and fiery intensity. We use a more or less pure interpretation of the D&D 3.5 rules from as many different sourcebooks as we can get our hands on, and give judicious bonuses for good roleplaying.

This site will be used as a repository of information about our (currently unnamed) world. A lot of work has gone into these pages, so we invite you to peruse all of the information we have here.

Players will note that having access to the Wiki does not mean your character knows the information contained here.

A Blog Of Sorts Follows Hereafter


Couple changes to the Wiki as we work up to Game 1 of the new semester (10/10/09, be there!). I’m dropping all old characters off of the character list for the RP to prevent clutter and confusion, but they WILL still be linked from the PCs page (where I’ve also left the names of all the new characters I have names of). (Greg, if you see this, feel free to stay in the member list as an honored alumnus of the campaign, though Gan’s been relegated to the ex-PC list). I’d like to eventually have all six characters given their own pages. It’ll happen this semester, I can feel it in my blood! I’ve also added a “You Owe Me Money” page, because I figured help on the bookkeeping for ordering delivery would be appreciated by the group at large. I think that’s it. See you all next Saturday!


Working on descriptions for Jamurath and K’Hamid, Colante, Timbalik and Vearland. Slow going on such things due to other projects. Bia map should be availible soon.


Added a number of things for Xeviere now that we actually have someone interested in Xeviere. Will continue to update on and off as the mood strikes/while I’m trying not to study for finals.


The new map is up. It’s pretty sexy, if I do say so myself (and I do). (NOTE: THERE WAS NEVER A VERSION OF THE MAP IN WHICH EVERYTHING WAS LABELED IN UNREADABLE BLACK AND I FORGOT A LABEL FOR THE TIMBALIKI ISLANDS) My Nalliana map has all countries and about a quarter or a third of the cities done, and you’ll all get to see it when it’s done, not that any of you care. More importantly to what’s going on in the campaign, this new version of the world map will allow RJ to do a map of Bia that will make you erupt in gleeful exultation. Also, my inability to sit down and do languages shocks and saddens me.


Important things I’m going to do over my break:
  • Trace out a new map on my computer with thinner, crisper lines. If I’m right, I should be able to use fewer colors and thus make the finished product bigger for the same amount of space. And it’ll be appropriate for making blown-up maps for regions. This part is already half-done.
  • Make a blown-up map for Nalliana.
  • Maybe try and finish languages, which I’ve been putting off. I’m a bad person.
  • Try to retain my sanity.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only DM who’s gonna be bored enough to throw himself into his work like this, which is probably for the best. Although Joe and RJ are in the apartment right now, probably bored without me to entertain them, so maybe not.


I updated (get ready for this) Tomi’s description, Tomi’s Bio (including a “goals” section and a long “background” section), Tomi’s Items (see Tomi’s description), Tomi’s Journal Entry 1a (forgot the forest room, which we actually DID enter later), and added a Journal Entry 1b to finish summarizing the last session (from Tomi’s point of view).

I probably forgot more rooms than just the forest room. If I remember them later, I may post at the bottom of the entry as an addendum or something, and let you guys know.


The region map’s up, I made it pretty with labels and fancy hyperlink tack things.
-Dave, Head DM


I wrote a journal entry/adventure summary for Garcon and Tomi, entry 1a, in the wiki, right next to Gan’s journal. It covers up to the ethereal crystal room, since other people know what happened after that, and it’s almost midnight and I don’t want to write the last bit right away for that reason!
It’s very long. You have been warned. :P


Hey, so I finished putting on material on Gan last night. In addition, I wrote a journal entry describing the last session in the first person from Gan. It started as a few notes, and sort of snowballed from there. Anyway, it helped me solidify a bit more about Gan’s personality for roleplaying, so I highly recommend it to anyone else who has the time…


I’m fixing a bunch of typos and stuff in the wiki, so if it says I changed a bunch of articles, don’t be alarmed…


You might notice that there are a few differences to the Wiki format. This is caused by me shelling out $40 for a yearly subscription to Obsidian Portal. That means there’s a forum now. You’re welcome.
-Dave, Head DM


Hey guys, don’t forget that we are getting together tomorrow! That’s right, we’ve got a game tomorrow, and we’ll be rolling straight into all the adventure your puny little level 7 adventurer stomachs can take!
Incidentally, we’ll probably be spending a few minutes helping everyone level up to level 7, so please be prompt.
-Joe, Head Numbers Dude


I’ve uploaded lots of information on the areas you have encountered/we have covered with some depth, and will be updating this page throughout the day today, tomorrow and friday as more info pours in. Check out the wiki and learn about our world!
-RJ, Head Orator

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