Ezekiel is a man of purpose. The High Inquisitor of the Holy Church of Kassen in Nalliana, he is a man with almost unmatched resources at his fingertips and authority to match. He is also zealous and righteous, seeing evil everywhere, except within. It is his task to root out evil wherever it hides, and to ensure the purity of the clergy and the world at large. His position gives him a measure of political amnesty, especially when on ground owned by the church of Kassen. This is a fact he uses, and will not hesitate to put a heretic down or to punish a sinner.

To this man, the ends invariably justify the means, and he will use any means at his disposal, from interrogation to torture to murder and theft. To him, a heretic is an incalculable threat to reality, and as such, he will destroy them utterly for their betrayal.

He stands 6’3” and wears a suit of shining full plate male. His head is shaved bald and he carries with him a large two-handed hammer.

“Better a thousand innocents burn then one heretic goes free.” -Ezekiel, at a harvest feast in Orium. There were no survivors.



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