Torin Ilphukiir

Male Human, CG, Jade Phoenix Mage


“Ilphukiir” means “Gemblossom,” possibly in some old Nallianan-based language (?).

A ladies’ man and a gambler. Enjoys drink. Adventurous. Highly dangerous when wielding dual shortswords. Treat with caution.

  • Human Sorcerer 4/Swordsage 2/Jade Phoenix Mage 4
  • Party Role: Melee Damage
  • Chaotic Good
  • No specific deity worshipped, but adamant about fighting the forces of evil
  • Height 5’9”
  • Weight ~150 lbs.
  • Physical description: charming/handsome; black eyes; medium build, medium height, tidy brown hair (3-5 inches long depending on when he last had it cut).

You immediately notice he is wearing:

  • A tight brown T-shirt with a loose forest-green vest over it
  • Two short swords in ornate scabbards in an X across his back. They are named Froosh and Kaboom.
  • Nice-looking black leather gloves
  • Tight black leather pants
  • A silver necklace with a sapphire pendant
  • Brown leather boots
  • A golden anklet on his right ankle
  • A single ornate ring on the ring finger of his right hand (Your character may or may not know that marriage and engagement rings go on your left hand. Lol)
  • A light, loose traveling cloak held on with a phoenix-shaped brooch made mostly of jade
  • A large, thin sack with cloth straps like a backpack, on his back (mostly covered, but not purposely concealed, by his cloak)

Trained skills: (Lv 9) Concentration +14 Knowledge (Arcana, History, and Religion) +5 Knowledge (Any other) +3 Listen +19 Spellcraft +8 Spot +8 Tumble +19

Feats: (Lv 9) 1) Practiced Spellcaster (Sorcerer) [Human Bonus Feat] 1) Two-Weapon Fighting 3) Weapon Finesse 6) Shadow Blade 9) Improved Two-Weapon Fighting

Languages: Nallianian (+1 INT, 500gp on language tattoo for 1 point) Biath (origin)


If you weren’t there when RJ and I talked about it then you missed it :C But basically…

Torin, after discovering his innate magical aptitude, left home to train at The Academy in Bia, but dropped out because it the professors and bureaucracy was too rigid for him. He (successfully) trained himself for a time, then happened upon a Swordsage from {wherever it is they are from}. He became interested in the martial arts (here Nine Swords, not Karate) and began combining the two practices (arcane spells and martial maneuvers) quite well. About a year later, a Jade Phoenix Master found Torin and told him of his destiny, that he was a Jade Phoenix Mage. Torin trained under the Jade Phoenix Mage instead for awhile, and was inducted into this secret society and regained some of the memories of his past lives through the magical initiation. Now he has aligned himself with his destiny of the Jade Phoenix Mages to eradicate evil all throughout the land, and parted ways with his master, as is the way of the Jade Phoenix Mages.

(His goals are abstract—he just wants to make as much of a difference as he can.)


After slaying all manner of evil creatures in Bia for a year and a half, and hearing no more news of trouble, Torin finally decided to take a break by visiting Nalliana. He paid some gold (~500 gp) for a tattoo to learn Nallianan (He only needed a lesser tattoo—having studied the language at The Academy, he remember a smattering already), and set off for Nalliana.

Torin Ilphukiir

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