Klar Skarhvo

Former barbarian hero, now a drunk and tavern bouncer.


Skarhvo is a south Severnian tribesman by birth, but traveled to Bia to seek his fortune as a young man. There he found a party of fellow adventurers – Hans Musel (to be later titled Baron Hans von Stiermarck), Nifir “Knifey” Hamu, Jex Caral, and Brother Steffen Bonsuel – and the Morrnath, the dark swampland that seemed to call out promises of fortune for any who would dare venture into its fetid mists. The five of them ferreted out many of the secrets of the Morrnath and fought many deadly foes. On their final adventure together, they sent fleeing a covey of terrifying hags after defeating their ogre and lizardfolk minions in a battle that took the life of Brother Steffen and left them with an apparently useless nonmagical brass amulet that Hans decided to keep as a reminder of his past and his fallen friend.

Now, almost fifteen years later, Skarhvo lives in a room above a tavern in a small town, the only surviving member of Hans von Stiermarck’s old adventuring party (except possibly for the mage Jex Caral, whose whereabouts are unknown), working as the tavern’s bouncer and maintaining maps of the Morrnath and detailed records of its flora and fauna.

The party approached Skarhvo while on their mission to unravel the secret of the amulet the day after Baron von Stiermarck’s funeral, a mere 48 hours after the brutal murder of Nifir Hamu. Though initially distrustful, Skarhvo agreed to show the party the way to the place where he and his allies had previously battled the hag covey and participated in the battle against the creatures they found there. He was able to track the ogres and lizardfolk back to the hags’ new hideout, an ancient crypt where the spirits of the dead dwelt, and was almost devoured whole by a monstrous tendriculos at the entrance.

Klar Skarhvo

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