Questing Guardian


Chaotic Good

Level 7 Fighter

XP: 21000 GP: 29

HP: 64 AC: 18 Att: +11 Init: +2 Speed: 30

Str: 17 (+2) Dex: 15 Con: 17 Int: 10 Wis: 15 Chr: 15

Ref: 4 Fort: 8 Will: 6

Skills: Diplomacy 4 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranks, Spot 2 ranks

Feats: Iron Will, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Falchion), Weapon Specialization (Falchion), Improved Sunder, Martial Study: Martial Spirit, Martial Stance: Thicket of Blades

Racial Traits: Gliding, Flight (3x/day, spd 40 (avg), 10 minutes max), +1 air spell caster level, +1 Climb & Spot, +10 Jump (wings), Knows North, Footbow is martial weapon, Charge (w/ piercing weapon) & “run” when flying, low-light vision

Arcubix stands at exactly 6 feet 3 inches, but weighs only 150 lbs. His wings stretch 12 feet when fully spread. His feathers are pure white. Rather than toes his feet end in strong bony talons. His fingers also are tipped with small claws. Downy white feathers cover the top of his head, but do not grow down the back of his neck. He has an athletic muscular build, but is not muscle bound. His eyes are green. His skin is a deep tan. He turned 25 not long ago.

On his chest he wears an unadorned shining chain shirt. He wears a long white cloth wrapped around his waist. It is secured by a knot at his hip and a loosely buckled leather belt. It is particularly travel stained and a pattern of tiny holes in the front suggest an embroidered design was plucked out. He wears sturdy looking leather gauntlets. From his neck hangs a plain leather cord with a silver owl pendant. On his left ring finger is a plain ring adorned with carvings of clouds. He wields a, plain, sturdy, cruel-looking Falchion.


No one is quite sure where Arcubix came from or where he’s going. He keeps this a secret for a number of reasons, that should soon become apparent.

Arcubix was born on the Snaketongue Islands in the region of Iskeiriya. From birth he was taught that as a Raptoran he was a servant of the gods. He and all other Raptoran in the Snaketongue Islands had been sent to the High Priests to serve them as Temple Guardians. Riding on the warm sea thermals between the islands the Raptoran Temple Guards served as a rapid strike force and the martial power behind the High Priest’s strict Theocracy.

Arcubix was drilled night and day with the falchion and short bow, the traditional weapons of the temple guard. At the age of 14 he was given his own arms and armor, and told he had successfully become a Temple Guardian. It was one of the proudest day’s of his life, but it was not to last.

Only weeks later news arrived of blasphemers and heretics on one of the islands. A flight of Raptoran was sent out to, as Arcubix assumed, dispense justice. Instead he found himself serving as a cruel executioner. The “heretic” villagers were dragged screaming from their houses and, as to the priests’ wishes, gruesome reminders were left for the other villagers. Of the flock that was sent, not a single Raptoran was injured. They met no resistance. In the following months Arcubix found himself again and again going to mercilessly enforce the will of the priests.

As time went by he began to doubt the oaths he had taken to guard the temples and serve the priests’ gods. It was becoming harder to hide his feelings and the other Raptorans began to mistrust him. On occasion he tried to discuss this with his younger brother Aucopec, but Aucopec refused to listen or acknowledge Arcubix’s feelings.

Finally the day came when Arcubix’s flight was sent to deal with a small uprising on one of the islands. The village where the uprising occurred was razed to the ground and every last child was slaughtered. Dazed and sick Arcubix returned to the main temple and made his way to his quarters. He fell exhausted onto his cot and shut his eyes. In his sleep his mind cleared. Suddenly a great and beautiful female Raptoran stood before him. She was much taller than a normal raptoran, with dark feathers, and sharp gleaming eyes. She seemed to be wreathed in a soft shadow, as of a moonlit night. As Arcubix kneeled in awe she named herself Tuilviel Glithien, true goddess of the Raptoran. She explained to him how his people had been tricked and used for centuries by the evil priests. She quested him to search out the free Raptoran tribes and muster their Stormtalons and Skypledged. Leading this force he would return to the Snaketongue Islands and free his people. He pledged himself to her and her quest and to aid him she laid a spell upon his falchion.

That night Arcubix prepared to leave. Stealing a fine shirt of mithril and bringing only his few possessions he made his way to the edge of the temple. He stood for a moment, preparing to make the long trip to the mainland. A sound behind him made him turn to find his brother Aucopec watching him darkly. Arcubix tried to explain, but Aucopec could not understand. Aucopec could only see the life set before him. Words were exchanged. Finally they came to blows. They fought gliding on the warm sea air in the night sky. Arcubix struck his brother’s Falchion from his hands, but Aucopec swooped in to grapple with Arcubix. They began to fall towards the ocean. In the last moment Arcubix fought off Aucopec and caught himself above the waves. Aucopec fell into the water, which wet his wings and made them heavy. Aucopec could no longer take to the sky. As Arcubix turned away Aucopec shouted that if he should ever return he would face death.

Since that day Arcubix has travelled far meeting many people. He sailed across the ocean and came to a desert land. From there he travelled south until he reach the region of Bia. He met a human priest of Gearal whom he traveled with for sometime. His path often crossed that of a half-elf bard. However, despite his time and effort he has not yet found or heard of any Raptoran.

After he left the temple Arcubix became mistrustful of all authority figures. He measures their character with a strong bias and even the slightest flaw will make them unfit for their position in his eyes. He especially mistrusts priests. As he has travelled among humans he has become more and more disenchanted with them. He believes most humans are petty and greedy. Luckily however, he only has thoughts for his quest and his people. He does not take action against the worthless humans he meets. He will however always help those who are being abused by a higher authority. He feels pity for the humans he sees being subjugated by their rulers, and if there is direct action he can take to help them he will do his best. He is worried that news of his quest could reach the ears of the priests on the snaketongue islands, so he takes care not to speak of his mission. Despite his martial training he prefers, when possible, to resolve conflicts peacefully. Thanks to his training he is quite disciplined, which with his careful, planning Raptoran nature, can make him seem rather serious.

In Bia Arcubix fell in with a group of adventurers. They searched for information about a strange amulet. They welcomed Arcubix and he chose to travel with them both for safety and out of a small desire for companionship. In their quest the group traveled across much of Bia. During this time Arcubix found no sign of his people, though he stumbled across many false leads. His pessimistic opinion of humans was mostly reinforced, though one member of their party, Qutugan of Jamurath, seemed a shinning example of good among humanity. However, in the end Qutugan fell to a demon, which brought an end to the party. The rest separated ways and Arcubix set out to search a new continent.

Upon his arrival Arcubix found himself part of a bizarre series of events involving complete strangers whose only commonality was an interest in a man named The Morningstar. These events led to the formation of a new rag-tag group. Arcubix once more was being led on a frustrating chase after dead ends. Ultimately, Arcubix and his compatriots found themselves face to face with The Morningstar as he performed part of a world-ending ritual. Since that time Arcubix’s personal quest for his people has been put on hiatus as he races to save the world.

He spends a lot of time surveying the sky looking for any hint of his people. He doesn’t go to sleep for a few hours after sundown, as the night is Tuilviel’s. He stretches, especially his wings, and shines his weapon each morning.


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